Morning habits for Mom

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Stay energized all day by creating the perfect habits. Feel good, look good and get through your day feeling on top of the world!


Your morning routine may be more important than you think

I can understand that not everyone is a morning person, and that we all function optimally with different amounts of sleep. I haven't always been an early riser, waking up early is a habit of which you must work on to maintain. The benefits of waking up early are amazing.

If your routine seems well...routine, it may be time to put some zest in the everyday steps you take to look and feel your best. Here, four lifestyle bloggers sourced for offer tips for doing just that.

Get Fresh

Discover what it is that you need to walk out your door alert and with confidence. For some, it’s a jolt of caffeine, for others it’s smelling great after a morning shower.

“What do I love more than knowing I smell good? Being told I smell good,” says Jenny Ingram, the family and lifestyle blogger behind Jenny on the Spot. “Starting out the day clean is like starting out with a fresh canvas.”

She recommends layering scents for your own signature fragrance, starting with your body wash.

Change It Up

Your routine should work for you, but that doesn’t mean it can’t change from day to day, based on your mood or the aspect of your personality that feels most empowered that day.

“A women’s beauty routine is as unique as she is,” says Angela Peters of the blog Hairspray and Highheels, who was recently challenged by Herbal Essences to try out each of the scents in their body wash collection as part of their #ScentGoals campaign.

After testing out Hello Hydration, Totally Twisted, Body Burst and Happy Go Lather, Peters was decidedly undecided. “They are all currently living in my shower and I use a different fragrance depending on the day.”

Give Yourself Time

Can’t resist the snooze button? You may be doing yourself a disservice. Feeling rushed in the morning can set the vibe for the entire day and lower your overall productivity.

“I like to wake up early and take things slow so I can focus on everything I need to get done that day,” says Oliva Rink of the Lovely Little Style blog.

“I turn on my go-to Spotify playlist, light my favorite candle and take time putting on my makeup, doing my hair and going through emails.”

Stay Energized

Fragrance can be powerful and the right scent can recharge and refresh your mood.

“Keeping cool cleansers on rotation in my shower will get me through the dead of winter and keep me energized and smelling sensational,” says lifestyle and fitness blogger Christine Bibbo Herr of NYC Pretty.

If you are “not a morning person,” it may be time to give your routine a makeover. Take time to uncover the personal habits that make you look good, feel great and smell phenomenal.

Making a habit of what you do every morning to start your day can be affecting your success. This is how the best start their day, from waking early (and getting enough sleep) to what they eat and do to get the day started.

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