The 7 things every kid needs to hear

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Call them rules or call them limits, good ones, I believe, have this in common: they serve reasonable purposes; they are practical and within a child’s capability; they are consistent; and they are an expression of loving concern. ~ Fred Rogers


In this article of Parental Guidance Josh Shipp will share with you what those top 7 things are that every kid needs to hear and how you can ensure all 7 are a part of your communication with the kids you care about most.


  1. I love you. This is crucial. always be strong enough to say to your kids. people responded to this post, grown adults, who have NEVER heard this from their parents. if they don’t hear it from you i don’t know who they’ll hear it from.
  2. I’m proud of you. As parents or caring adults, it’s important we applaud effort more than achievement because achievement is often subjective to the group we are competing against. So applaud and reward effort over achievement and let your child know you’re proud of them.
  3. I’m sorry. Taking responsibility as an adult is so important for our kids to see. We have to model what it looks like to be an adult, and apologize when we make mistakes. And don’t cop out by saying “I’m sorry, but …. “! Remember kids learn a little bit from what we say, they learn a little more from what we do but learn the most from who we are!
  4. I forgive you. It’s crucial for young people to know if you are wanting to succeed, you must be willing to fail. They are going to screw up, it happens! The question is always: what will you do when you inevitably mess up? By saying I forgive you, kids know it’s ok to admit mistakes.
  5. I’m listening. Once your child is a pre-teen or teen the name of the game isn’t about control, it’s about influence. You can’t control a 15-year old but you can influence them by listening and asking them questions. Lecturing doesn’t work as well as asking strategic questions and then listening, doing that will help them come to their own mature decisions and beliefs about situations.
  6. This is your responsibility. Don’t bail your kid out of problems they can solve. Instead remain like a coach: prepare your child before the game, cheer from the sidelines and then review what went well and what went poorly from the sidelines. The urge is there because we care, but don’t stay on the sidelines and stay off the field! If you fix it, they’ll interpret that as you telling them they don’t have what it takes. Instead, be there for moral support and guidance, but let them take responsibility.
  7. You’ve got what it takes. It’s important for them to know you know they have what it takes. If they know you believe in them, they’re better prepared to take baby steps to accomplishing their goals and dreams, and face those difficult situations. 


  • Obviously these 7 things are a hot topic so let’s hear from you!
  • What do you think is the 8th thing every child should hear?
  • Did you hear any or all of these 7 things as a child? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below…


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