Seven good habits that will make you happier

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Eat better, curb stress, get organized, sleep better and set reminders to workout. In this article by Meghan Rabitt, she has compiled a list of habits that need to become apart of your daily routine for you to be consistently happy.  We have narrowed it down to seven good habits that will curb your stress.


Prep breakfast the night before

"My favorite fast breakfast is overnight oats. The night before, I mix raw oats with milk or yogurt (or even both), sprinkle in some cinnamon, maybe add a few drops of vanilla extract and a dollop of butter and throw in frozen berries. Put it in the fridge overnight to 'cook,' and in the morning you'll have a delicious breakfast that provides filling fiber, protein and antioxidants. You can even make a big batch on Sunday and eat it all week. It won't go bad or get soggy." —Caroline Kaufman, RDN;

The great thing about this, is it takes away from wasting energy on low impact decisions. 

Get fit while you brush

"When you're brushing your teeth in the morning, stand on one leg for one minute, then stand on the other leg for a minute, trying to keep steady. This simple move improves your balance, which is one of the best ways to prevent injuries and falls as you get older." —Barbara Bergin, MD;

Ask yourself how you're doing

"A few times a day, I ask myself, What do I need right now, and how can I meet that need right now? If I feel sluggish, I take a quick walk. If I feel scattered, I take a short break for a mini meditation. Even a few minutes can make a huge difference." —Lori Deschene;

While you at it, repeat positive thoughts to kick yourself into action.

Sneak in movement throughout the day

"When I get a phone call, I stand up to talk. Besides getting me on my feet, it's done wonders for my back because it reminds me to keep my core engaged." —Carla Birnberg;

Set workout reminders

"I put my running shoes in front of the door when I leave the house in the morning so that when I come home, I trip over them. It reminds me to take a walk right away, which helps me transition from work mode to family mode."—Lisa Cain

Keep exercise equipment where you can see it, "I always keep my yoga mat in the family room—often unrolled—because it reminds me to do something, like yoga, push-ups or planks, while I'm watching TV." —Angela Liddon

You will all have your own unique reason to exercise, setting those workout reminders is great. What ever your reason is, make sure you are consistent by creating the right habits.

Remember that some exercise is better than no exercise

"When I'm too tired to work out, I think of the phrase 'What you can when you can.' If all I'm able to do is a few planks or lunges or a walk around the block, then that's OK. The phrase helps me remember that perfection doesn't matter. A friend and I even created a hashtag for it, #wycwyc, and it's taken off. So I'll search for that on Twitter sometimes to get some new ideas." —Carla Birnberg

Meditate in bed

"Whenever I'm having trouble falling asleep, I concentrate on relaxing every muscle in my body, starting at my toes and working up to the top of my head. First I'll focus on relaxing my feet, then my calves, knees, thighs and so on. It helps me chill out so quickly that I rarely reach my face." —Julie Fagan

Our habit techniques are designed to make sure that you build great habits, and destroy old, destructive one. Have a look at the principles of sustainable habits

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