Make your grocery budget go further

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Groceries are a necessity in life. Whether you are prepared to stand in the line or shop online, they are expensive and an expense that is very difficult to minimize. Check out these tips to help you stretch your grocery budget!

There are some great stories out there that will teach you how to stretch your grocery budget. I am currently in the prime of my life, I have the world at my finger tips and the one thing I have had to learn and learn fast is how to manage my grocery budget correctly.

Six excellent tips to stretch your grocery budget

Shop with a list (and only buy what’s on the list).

This one is huge! If you’re shopping without a list, you’ll probably buy several things you don’t need. As well taking the risk of forgetting something you do need, which inevitably results in an extra trip!

Write it down, keep a note pad on your desk, fridge or even better on the pantry door!

Never shop hungry.

Shopping hungry is a terrible habit. When you shop hungry, you tend to buy things because they look good, rather than because you need them. Eat a snack or meal before you shop to prevent impulse hunger purchases. Just a bowl of porridge or cereal will help, some people like to have a shake or smoothie as it will really give you that feeling of being full.

If you have nothing to eat (hence why you are going to the shops), a large glass of water will also restrict those nasty hunger hormones.  

Plan your meals in advance.

I plan my meals by the week (sometimes the night before), but I know many people plan by the month. Find a system that works for you and stick with it.

The important thing is to plan your meals in advance, so you’re not scrounging for ideas at five o’clock each night.

Don’t waste food.

Use leftovers for lunches throughout the week. Plan one night a week for eating what’s in the fridge. Or cut your recipes in half. Do whatever you can to prevent waste.

There are plenty of healthy options online, easy meals that you can use some of the most surprising ingredients.

Limit certain foods and drinks.

Stop buying alcohol, fruit juices, chips, junk food, etc. Your family will not only save money when you do this, but they’ll also be healthier. 

If you can make positive eating habits in the house, you can save a massive amount on these substances. Why not start by trying to kick your sugar habit and you will see how much you can save. 

Shop in your pantry first.

Before heading to the grocery store, see what you already have in your kitchen. You might be able to make a meal with things you already have on hand. All the more reason to have a note pad stuck to your pantry door! Write on it, and check it regularly.

This article and more on good budget habits can be found on the Life Habit community


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