Stop these negative social habits today

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In this article about communication in relationships, written by Jill Harness, we have a closer look at your daily negative social habits.  Everyone has some negative social habits they want to work on, but while some are just personality quirks. These habits are things that will not just irritate a few people, but bother most people you talk to by making you a poor conversationalist overall.   


Here is the list of negative social habits you need to break this year

  1. Seeking attention by complaining.
  2. Focusing on your inner monologue instead of the dialogue in front of you.
  3. Multi-tasking while you chat.
  4. Not paying attention to the people you care about most.
  5. Constantly fishing for compliments.
  6. De-Emphasizing compliments with self-effacing remarks.
  7. Cutting people off mid-sentence.
  8. An unsupportive attitude.   
  9. Trying to please everyone.

These negative social habits can have a detrimental affect on your relationships at home and at work. They can be difficult to break and will take a conscious effort by you. How long it will take to break these habits is really up to you.

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