Life is a Habit

Building sustainable habits in all areas of life symbolic

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This is the simple philosophy around which TheLifeHabit is built.  Whether we realise it our not, the habits that we do on a daily basis, become the foundations upon which we build our lives.  Unfortunately many of those habits don't move us in the direction we want to go.  TheLifeHabit changes that by helping us to identify and break those habits that hinder us, and to make and build those habits that allow us to become all we are meant to be.

The LifeHabit technique is built on three main foundations:

  1. Building habits in all areas of life.
  2. Creating habits that are appropriate for the various stages of life we go through
  3. Using a systematic approach to making good habits and breaking destructive ones

The Life Factors

You my have heard of the Circle of life, the wheel of life, a balanced life.  Regardless of the words you use, the key is to realise that to be truly successful, you need to consider all parts of your life, and be balanced.  We call them the Life Factors, and we provide tools, advice and resources to help in each area of Life.  We've come to realise that changes you make in one area, may seriously impact on other areas, so our approach makes sure that all life factors are considered.

The things we do cannot take place in a vacuum. Successful, happy people lead rounded lives. Sadly most people are caught up in day to day survival and neglect many areas of their life. The LifeHabit allows you to build sustainable habits in all areas of your life. The good news, the VERY GOOD news, is that as you build a habit in one area of life, it becomes easier to make the other changes. Start building a foundation for success today. Build The LifeHabit.

Barrier Breakers - the various life stages we go through

break-through-life-barriersThere are some general habits that apply through our lives, but we need to focus on different areas as we grow and mature.  For example, the things to focus on, and the habits to build, are very different for a 4 year old than a 60 year old.   At each age, habits are important, but they do change, so we help you develop the particular habits that are applicable to you.  We also recognize that you may have children, or need to care for parents, so we provide you with the tools to help them to create powerful new habits.

Why call them the barrier breakers?

These habits are foward-thinking, and prepare you to be the best you can, so that you are equipped to move to the next stage in your life.  For example, some of the habits we build in a 6-12 year old are designed to prepare them for the next very interesting, challenging period - the teenage years. 


10 Things you MUST do if you want to lose weight

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