Move from "I wish" to "I DO!"

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Our mindset and our internal speak (the things we say to ourselves) are often determinants of our success.  Change the words you use and follow this hierarchy of Success-words - our Power-word continuum.  See the difference this simple technique can make.

Wishing gets you nowhere.  Successful people take actions on a repeated basis.  In other words they always convert their dreams into reality, by building sustainable habits.  If you aren't as successful as you would like to be, take a look at the words you use.  If you find yourself daydreaming about your holiday home, but aren't doing something about it, it will always remain a dream.  See where you are on our Life Habits power word continuum.  Change the words you use, and follow up with actions to support the words, and see the difference.

  1. I wish - this is very "wishy-washy" and doesn't lead to action.  Wishing for something may be the starting point, and it's good to create dream or vision boards, but "I wish" is very far from "I do"
  2. I want - is the next step.  Wanting something is more personal and more concrete than just wishing that something will happen
  3. I need - Now we're starting to get somewhere.  Needing something tells us that we have to have it.  This means we will have to do something about it.
  4. I must - Must is a very strong word.  Regardless of whether you are dreaming about it or actually do need it, now you realise that this is non-negotiable.  It Must happen
  5. I will - You realise that you must have something, and you are making a statement that you WILL get it.   Don't you feel better already?  This is the first real action thought.
  6. I commit - Commitment is making a promise to yourself that you are going to do it.  One of our strongest habits is the habit of making and keeping commitments, as these talk directly to our integrity
  7. I did - This leaves us feeling very good about ourselves.  We committed to doing something, and now we have gone out and done it.  Action is an extremely powerful element if we want to feel good about ourselves.
  8. I do - This is the goal of anyone embarking on a life habit journey.  If you can say "I do" (no, this doesn't mean you are getting married); it says that this is something that is part of me, it is who I am, it is one of the things I do repeatedly, because it has become an ingrained part of me and my daily activities.  This defines us.

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